Our services

Simultaneous interpreting

We provide professional simultaneous interpreting with certified and experienced interpreters, and with latest equipment and technology.

We help you achieve efficient and effective conferences.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is commonly used in business meetings, interviews or negotiations with a limited number of participants. Interpreters will interpret between small speeches of the speaker(s).

It doesn't require extra equipment but may take longer than simultaneous interpreting.

Remote interpreting (Web conference)

Livestreaming interpreting is more challenging but exciting than other types of simultaneous interpreting.

Our interpreters are well We will make sure the technical details are properly handled and our experienced livestreaming interpreters will achieve the results you expect.

Telephone interpreting

We will offer you a customized solution base on your needs and technological conditions, and arrange dial-in interpreting remotely.

We have a pool of qualified interpreters trained specifically for international events, diplomatic exchanges, board meetings, roadshows, press conference, media interviews, business negotiations, technical training, and others.