Our services


Our translation team has education background from top translation institutions and abundant industry experience.

They also participate in Translavie's regular training and are coached by subject-matter experts.

We make sure our translators are up-to-date regarding vocabulary and expressions and are able to offer native, accurate and high-quality translation.


Our service makes your message suitable for the target local market, with the intent, style, tone well kept with the translated content, which evokes the same emotion and carries the same implication.

We help you transcend the boundaries of language and culture.


Our native editors are experienced subject-matter experts (SMEs) who can improve fluency and add a local flavor.

They can fine-tune your language to achieve the greatest impact.

This step is crucial for marketing, branding and communications materials as it reduces awkward literal translation and foreignized expressions.


We offer native level bilingual proofreaders to make sure the target language is consistent with the original message of the source language.

This is a crucial step for the translation of medical, legal, engineering texts as it prevents errors such as omission, misinterpretation and over-interpretation.

Quality Assurance

Translavie has established an efficient QA process referring to two international standards and has built segmented QA mechanism targeting different projects. We issue QA reports and revision suggestion.

We have experienced native writers who safeguard quality and impact of your message.

Our QA professionals will use professional tools to examine errors, wording, punctuation marks, and do all linguistic due diligence to help you globalize with confidence.

We have translation professionals for over 50 language pairs to help you translate movie script, subtitles, novels, comics, legal documents, corporate policies, regulations, industrial standards, research papers, textbooks, advertising, branding, and communications documents.